I just started taking a continuing education class. It is on Clinical Shiatsu Anma Therapy. I remember having about 5 days worth of classes of this technique while I was in school. They just wanted to give us a little taste. The quote above comes from the booklet, as does its meaning:

"This Taoist saying represents the foundation of Chinese medicine. When the body is healthy, there is free flow of chi through the entire of the yin and yang meridian system and we are not aware of the chi. When there is an interruption in the flow of chi in any one of these channels, then illness can develop. Painful conditions in the body are considered to stem from stagnation of chi in a channel. There is a medical saying, 'stagnation equals pain'. Feeling some kind of sensation in the body, be it mild or severe, indicates that what you are "feeling" is an interruption in the flow of chi through a channel. Based on this theory then, by re-establishing the flow of chi in the channel, pain will be relieved and the healing process of the body begins."

Chi = energy.

I have been massaging for 11 years now. And I have found when someone's energy is "off" issues in certain areas of the body have arisen. Your mental and emotional state play an enormous role in the health of your body. Shiatsu, like traditional massage, have been around for thousands of years. When you allow healing to begin (even if it initially comes from the hands of someone else), healing throughout your entire body, including your emotional and mental states, will occur. I thought that was a wonderful quote and had to share it with you.