Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Stressed from this Election?

Happy Voting Day!
You're probably looking at that title and thinking, "Really, Jennie? Happy? Voting Day? Really?" Yes. I'm happy about it, because not only do I get to exercise my right to vote (or exercise it by actually not voting, especially if it's because you don't like either candidate, or if you're exhausted, or for any other reason. Makes no difference to me. Whatever floats your boat!), and because starting tomorrow my Facebook newsfeed will become less political. Will I still see people complaining about whomever becomes President? Yep. But the stress of this election starts winding down tomorrow morning. And that is a great thing! Don't you think?

This election has caused so much stress for a lot of people. It's crazy. And I have people tell me that they don't like to talk politics, but then continue to get all worked up and go into a rant about our political system. All of that stress is not good for your body and more importantly, your piece of mind. And you know what helps to combat stress?

Reiki. And Massage. And just being around ReSheeda and I at our office. So, if the stress of this election has gotten to you and you find yourself needing a way to relax. Schedule with us. We'll take care of ya, and if you need to vent about today's outcome, we'll listen. We're here to help!

In the meantime, check out this weeks Oracle messages :)
Your Weekly Oracle Messages!

Welcome to your Oracle Messages! I am using the Archangel Tarot deck. Please choose either 1, 2, or 3 for your message from your higher Self, your guides, angels, loved ones, the Universe. If you'd like to skip ahead please go to these times in the video:

#1 - 0:40
#2 - 3:31
#3 - 7:00

I hope you enjoy these messages! Please share this with your friends and family. Have a wonderful week ahead!
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