Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Labor Day Deal is Here!

Enjoy $30 off your next Reiki treatment!
September is upon us! It's time to clear away all that junk we all have been carrying around. School is starting and some of us need a re-boost, re-energizing, and reset before we get back into a new routine. If you schedule an appointment with ReSheeda between now and September 18 take advantage of an hour long Reiki service for $35! This is not only for parents, but for students too. This is an insanely great deal, so share it! When you call, email, or book online mention this email to get the savings.
Mercury is in Retrograde!
The term 'Mercury Retrograde' is starting to become widely known. And most people's reactions upon hearing it is, "Eww." But this one isn't all that bad. This one is a period of re-envisioning, reassessing, and reinvention. Adapt to the slowing pace of things. Be willing to put some things on hold for a little while, and take a look at what's been set into motion up to now with an eye to seeing what has to be done before things can again move forward in late September. This retrograde teaches us precise use of will power, or the power of the personality to take command of circumstances. Take the time to openly communicate with others - let go of your Ego. There is no room for it in any relationship. By the end of September life will be moving at normal speed and any lessons you needed to learn over the past few months will have been learned.
Good times.
Your Weekly Oracle Messages!
Welcome to your Weekly Oracle Messages here at The Sacred Self! I am using Archangel Raphael's oracle deck. Please take a moment to intuit if either 1, 2, or 3 feels right for you. If you'd like to skip ahead to your number, please go to these times:
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