Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tonight's Full Moon brings Changes!

Tonight is a full moon! And it's a magnificent one!
The energy of the full moon tonight brings in opportunities for change and abundance. Everything that you have been desiring and working towards the past 6-7 months are going to start coming to fruition.

And this most definitely applies to me! As most of you know I have an intense desire to live in Hawaii. In fact, my trip there earlier this year with my sister confirmed it! Everything about their culture interests me. And if you follow me on Facebook and have read previous newsletters then you'll know what I'm talking about. (And if you didn't know, well now you do! :-D) Well, my desire to move there is starting to take shape, and I know it's going to bring about some wonderful changes within this business and within myself. I will let you in on the details as the weeks come up!

But I'd like you to use tonight's full moon energy to draw in what you've been wanting for oh so long. Take a moment before bed and look at the moon, talk to it, tell it your secrets and your wishes. And then allow life to happen. :)

Your Weekly Oracle Messages!

Welcome to this weeks' Oracle Messages!
I am using the Healing with Your Angels deck. Please take a moment and intuit if either 1, 2, or 3 will give you a great message for your highest and best. If you'd like to jump ahead to your chosen number, please go to these times in the video:

#1 - 0:45
#2 - 5:00
#3 - 8:28

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Aromatherapy with ReSheeda

Tonight ReSheeda will be speaking and demonstrating at the Milton Public Library on Aromatherapy using Essential Oils. If you have already signed up for this class then you can expect a great demonstration! If you haven't signed up and are not able to, please know that ReSheeda offers services using Aromatherapy and Essential Oils here at the office!

If you are interested in Essential Oils then schedule an appointment with her for Flower Essence Therapy. There are many uses for Essential Oils and, of course, healing is one of them! You will learn all about out how different essential oils can relieve stress, calm the mind, lift one's spirits, and much more.So, please contact us to schedule!

Thank you for always being awesome! ReSheeda and I truly do love helping you in whatever way we can. And we look forward to continuing our friendship with you :)

Jennie Sharples
The Sacred Self
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