Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Guided Meditation for Self-Forgiveness

So, in light of the 5 or 6 planets that are in retrograde I thought I would provide you with a guided meditation. I created this over a year ago and it was for the 7 Days to a Better You meditation series. So please ignore the intro!I feel now is the time it needs to come out of the wood work! Because this retrograde has the amplified energy to bring up a lot of mental and emotional baggage, it is only fitting to find a technique to counteract it. Forgiveness is a major life lesson that all of us (myself included) need to learn.
So, that's what this meditation is about. It is a guided meditation on Self-Forgiveness. Please have a listen. And share this with you friends and family if you feel it will resonate with them! Thank you :)