Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How Do You Relieve a Headache?

     I ask people that question a decent amount of the time. And I am intrigued by their answers. Some take over the counter medication such as Tylenol, Aleve, or Ibuprofen. (Which, I'm not really knocking, because if my headaches get bad enough I'll take 2 Aleve). Others take actual prescription medication, and there are some who just don't do anything at all. They will lie down and hope that it will pass, or hope that a good nights' sleep will cure it. All of these aren't all that bad, but it pains me to hear that almost no one says they relieve their headaches by way of massage therapy.

     Massage has been around for thousands, yes thousands, of years! It is one of the oldest "tricks in the book," but yet most people prefer to pop a pill. Like I said above, don't get me wrong, if my headaches are bad enough, and I mean bad enough to the point where my fingers can't even relax those tiny neck muscles that are causing me such excruciating pain, I will take some Aleve. But I also admit, this doesn't happen a lot.

     I would say that I get headaches once a month, and it's mainly around my cycle. I blame it on hormones and the general stress and tension I always experience in my neck and shoulders. But I also get massaged once a month and I find that that form of therapy works better than a couple of pills. Want to know why? Because the effects of massage last longer. And they last a hell of a lot longer if you receive massage therapy on a consistent/regular basis. When you receive massage on a schedule (whether it's monthly, weekly, or every 6-8 weeks) your body will recognize what it's like to relax and will not need to tense up all of the time like it used to. And when a body isn't tensed up and stress, there will be no need for headaches . . . or pain anywhere for that matter.

     So, I just wanted to throw that out there . . . again. Even though most of you know what I do, I don't think you realize I specialize in headache (and migraine) relief. The reason I specialize in it is because I know the pain and discomfort you're going through and I don't feel you need to suffer. I can absolutely relate, and I can absolutely tell you that massage works. You just have to experience it to really see. Seeing is believing, right?

     I dare you to believe in this. I dare you to believe in what I do. I dare you to believe in me.