Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Changes Abound. Abundance Begins.

     There has been an energetic shift going on for the past few months. And with Mercury currently in retrograde (it ends on June 11), things from the past have been coming to the forefront, as well as communication going haywire. The miscommunication is pretty typical of a Mercury retrograde, though. However, when people or situations from the past jump back into your life during a retrograde, it means that it's time to pause and reflect. And all of this is not a bad thing. Contrary, it's a blessing. It gives you the chance to look within and discover what it is you truly desire.

     So, maybe an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend popped back in. That's okay. Let them. There are still aspects of the relationship that were never fulfilled or transformed. Sometimes a closure will take place, sometimes a new beginning between the two of you. Just go with the flow and allow whatever is going to happen, happen. Don't force anything, because you'll just be met with delays and frustration. This is your time to figure things out. And take all of the time you need.

     June also marks a time of new beginnings, regardless if it's with someone from your past.  You're now looking at things from a different angle. People and situations are suddenly subdued and you're able to handle what comes your way a little differently. This was all supposed to happen this past year, and most especially within the past few months. A transformation, though quite subtle at times, was at hand and now you're about to see it all come to fruition. New people and opportunities are right at our doorstep, literally. There is this new sense of belonging and being around people who share similar ideas and beliefs. This time of year, especially for 2015, heralds a new beginning for your health. Because Summer is upon us, people tend to take a little more care of their bodies. What is no longer needed, physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually, will be removed so that all that you do need and want will enter your life.

     Abundance comes in many forms: money, friends, family, love, opportunities, health issues and non-issues, time, etc. And that's what everyone is going to experience going forward. The brunt of it will be within the next 2-3 months, starting right now. And the blossoming of it all will take place later this Summer into the Fall (if you're in the northern hemisphere). So, allow whatever is going to happen to happen. The Universe provides for you everything you want and need. Be sure to be mindful of your thoughts. The more positive they are, the more positive you will see in your life. If you focus on what you don't want, that's all that you'll get. Just be open to your highest and best. These changes are a beautiful thing.