Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Guided Meditation for Full Body Relaxation and Stress Relief


     I love meditating. It's calming. It's relaxing. It's rejuvenating. It's clarifying. And it's also difficult to do at times.

     Honestly, I sometimes don't have the time to do it. But when I do, I go full out. I will find one that feeds and nourishes my soul; one that hits me right at my core, and makes me feel more at peace with myself and my life.
     Because of my love of meditation, I decided to create one (or more! - I have created more and are putting each one together as I find the time to do so) that would help provide relaxation to others. We suffer from stress every day; whether it's physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual. So, why not have something to listen to that would allow us to feel relaxed throughout our entire being? All I want is for each one of us to experience peace within our mind, body, and spirit. That's not too much to ask for, right?
     I didn't think so.

     Please check out this guided meditation. Allow yourself time for yourself.  Enjoy.