Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Working with Krishna for the Week

     When I attended the Angel Messenger workshop to develop my intuitive reading skills, we had to work with an ascended master or angel each week.  I prayed to them.  I meditated with them.  I asked them for signs throughout the week; just to see how they would help me.  And each week and spiritual being were different.  No two were the same.  The workshop was 10 weeks long.  So, it's no surprise that during that time I got to know many ascended masters and spiritual beings and the many ways they are able to help those who ask.

     That was four years ago.  To this day I still talk to many of them, though I have been hankering for a full week of working with each one, respectively.  So yesterday I decided to start just that.  I sat down on the floor and thumbed through Doreen Virtue's Archangels & Ascended Masters book to pick the "lucky one."  My thumb landed on Krishna.

     Krishna is known as The Divine One.  He is considered the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, one of the gods who create, protect, and oversee the life cycles on Earth.  He is a deliverer of joy and happiness.  He helps with finding blessings, purifying and spiritualizing food, gardening, crops and flowers, joy, relationships, romantic love, spiritual awakening, and vegetarianism.

     According to Doreen Virtue, one of the best ways to invoke Krishna: he "loves to connect with people through the offering of, and blessing of, food.  Prior to eating something, look at the food and mentally call upon Krishna.  Tell him that the food is your offering to him.  As he accepts your gift, he will bless and purify the food with his highly spiritualized energy.  Thank him, and then completely ingest his blessings by eating the food slowly, enjoying each bite completely.  Have a mental conversation with him while you're eating this food.  You'll notice that the experience is like being with a very wise dining companion who offer you stellar wisdom and sage advice."

     I am excited to see how Krishna helps me this week.  I've already noticed a difference when eating meals, and it's only been a couple of days.  The food tastes better; I find it much more enjoyable.  I look forward to seeing how he helps me for the remainder of this week.  If you're interested in working with him, meditate to him.  Pray to him.  And then watch how your life changes. :)