Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November is a Lucky Month!

     November signifies balance, harvest, abundance, spirituality, wisdom, passion, and wish fulfillment.  This is also a great month to really remember and focus on any messages in your dreams.  According to Numerology, 11 (which is the numbered month for November) is all about balance and gaining wisdom.  11 is significant because it's a very lucky number! And since November starts in Scorpio and ends in Sagittarius, you can bet that this month will be the best time to wish for whatever your heart desires.  Your wishes will manifest rapidly if you make them this month.  Scorpio is all about passion and expression, and really diving into your emotions, your inner presence.  Sagittarius is all about passion, knowledge, wisdom, and luck. 

     So, take a moment and really figure out what it is that you truly want.  Write it down.  Seal it away and let the Universe work its magic.  The more genuine and sincere your wishes are, the more abundance you'll receive.  Now is the time to shine and watch your life unfold!

And So It Is!