Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My hands are hot.

That's what a psychic told me a couple of Saturdays ago.  I was receiving a reading at my aunt's house, and the psychic informed me that my hands were hot, like red hot.  She also stated that it's because of all the healing energy I am able to give off.  My hands are my power source, my gold mine. 

Hmmm . . .

I knew I possessed healing abilities, and that the source of it came through my hands.  But I always pictured them as white and green, personally.  But, hey, if red means the same thing then I'll take it! 

Aside from massage, I also do Reiki.  And I have found that when doing Reiki my hands actually start feeling really warm and hot.  This is how I know the energy is flowing through and onto the recipient.  I've even had clients mention that to me, as well.

This afternoon I had my very first Acupuncture appointment.  And it was amazing! And of course, she placed a couple of the needles in each of my hands.  So, maybe that will help open up my healing energy even more?! I have to go back for a few more appointments over the next couple of weeks, so we will see!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fluidity and Forseti

     I haven't written in here in a while, and it's time to.  A lot of changes have been going on in my life throughout the past year and it's been a bit difficult to just go with the flow.  It all came to a head this past weekend, and now a major shift is occurring.  I don't feel this is a bad thing, but I am interested in seeing where my life ends up.  It's scary, I will admit.  So, yesterday I decided to draw an angelic symbol on my left ankle.  It stands for Fluidity.  In other words, to go with the flow.  Life ebbs and flows and to make change easier, you have to sometimes surrender and just go with it.  And since the left side of the body takes in energy, I decided to place it on my left ankle in hopes that I will be able to just go with the flow of life.  Here's what it looks like:

     And after I did that, I made a little prayer to Forseti.  He is the Norse god of justice, fairness, arbitration, and reconciliation.  He is considered the ultimate peacemaker.  I asked him for help because he assists with resolving arguments, fairness, resolving legal matters (which I don't need, thankfully), peace, protection, and truth issues.  Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own thoughts and fears, that you can't hear or see what the other person is saying/conveying.  And unfortunately this has happened, and a difficult situation needs resolving.  This morning I woke up feeling less stressed.  I hope this continues throughout the day and the week.  And I hope by weeks end, this situation has resolved itself or is on the mend.  One can only hope.