Monday, July 1, 2013


See this card? How can you not? It's bright as the sun! And that's the sort of energy it gives off, and it's a positive reminder that that's how we should be.  It refers to the Solar Plexus chakra of the body.  It represents your personality, your life force, your energy, what you give to the rest of the world. 

It asks if you are being flexible in a particular situation.  It is a time to stand in your power and be adaptable to change.  (if there is one that is constant in the world, it is change.) This color also pertains to boundaries, so be sure to really define yours.  It is time to be assertive.  Allow yourself to be an individual within a group.  Stand up for what you believe.  Identify what is important to you with regard to principles and ethics.  Discernment needs to come into play at this time.

This card could also be revealing an imbalance within your Solar Plexus chakra.  Feeling highly competitive with someone else is a sign of this imbalance.  You may also feel defensive or insecure, or have conflicts with others.  If any of this is true, it would be helpful to meditate on this third chakra to figure out how to balance it. 

A few additional meanings of this card reveal that Archangels Uriel, Metatron, and Raziel are associated with this symbol.  Also, a shift is about to occur in a job or relationship, it is time to empower yourself or another, and that you are overthinking a particular situation.