Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Connecting with Your Animal Guide - Mountain Goat

     Everyone has guides to help and support them.  They're considered angels, parents, grandparents, guardian angels, etc.  And everyone has guides that are in the form of animals.  I flipped through my book, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and stopped at the Mountain Goat page.  I find its qualities and characteristics to be very fitting for what is going on in my life right now, and I thought I'd share them with you.

     [Taken from pages 279-280 of Animal Speak]: Everything about the mountain goat enables it to survive in the higher altitudes of mountain regions.  Its thick wool insulates, its greater skeletal flexibility aids it in climbing, and even its feet are adaptive to their environment.  Anyone with a mountain goat as a totem would do well to study the significance of its living environment -- the high mountain regions.
     The mountain goat is noted for its dynamic climbing ability.  The toes act like pliers, aiding their grip as they move up steep ledges.  The soft pads on the bottom act as suction cups, giving them greater surefootedness.   They can stand on their hind legs and pull themselves up with the front.  Even the kids can stand almost immediately upon birth and begin climbing shortly after.
     Their highly flexible skeletal system is very significant.  Comprised of bones and cartilage, it is the support system for the framework of the body and assists in its movement.  If a mountain goat has shown up as a totem, ask yourself some important questions.  Are you getting the support you need as you move up into new areas? Are you giving the proper support to others as they move? Are you being too inflexible in exploring new possibilities? Are you feeling a lack of support or a need for support? Is something wrong with the basic structure of your life?
     The mountain goat can, of course, descend much quicker than it can climb.  The flexibility of its spine and its surefootedness enables it to maneuver precarious paths and ledges that would kill other animals.  It has been known to make leaps of thirty feet or more to small ledges, barely large enough to stand upon.  This reveals much about the flexibility of its skeletal system, but also the ability of its knee joints to absorb shocks.  The mountain goat holds the knowledge of how to stretch and reach for new heights and goals.  It can teach how to have trust in your own ability to land on your feet.
     The mountain goat has links astrologically to the sign of Capricorn.  You may want to look toward this time of year as being a significant one for culminating new moves or initiating them.  The goat may have shown up to get you prepared.  Anyone with a mountain goat as a totem should study the qualities and characteristics associated with the sign of Capricorn.
     Because of its connection to Capricorn types of energy, ask yourself important questions.  Are you being too serious? Not serious enough? Are you not preparing diligently enough for the new moves in your life? It can reflect a time of studiousness and industry, but it can also help when ambition and opportunistic behaviors get out of hand.
     The horns of the mountain goat give it the ability to perceive what lies ahead in the future, and, with its natural climbing ability, it can reveal how you personally can best achieve the future.  Mountain goats will fight with their horns.  When threatened, they circle and try to stab with their sharp points.  They have been known to even kill grizzly bears.
     The thick coat of the goat enables it to withstand severe winter conditions.  This reveals much about this animal's abilities as a totem.  It can help you to keep focused and move step by precarious step to new heights, all the while protecting you from any severe life conditions.  It is not unusual to have a mountain goat show up as a temporary totem when conditions become difficult and we fear slipping back.  Its energies help us to regain balance, perspective, and continue the climb.
     The goat may also link you to past lives associated with Greece.  It is a symbol that shows up prominently in Greek mythology.  It has ties to the nature god Pan, and to Amalthea and the Horn of Plenty.  A study of the lore around them will provide insight into the role the goat will play within your own life.
     If the mountain goat has climbed into your life, this is a time to begin new climbs and new endeavors.  You will not need to rush them.  With proper foresight, you will see what is ahead and will be able to move forward with greater surety.