Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mother Mary

     I've been feeling very out of balance lately.  I did a sort of chakra test on myself this morning, and every single one of them are out of whack/weak.  I feel as if I am in some sort of holding pattern, and I'm not sure where to go or what to do.  I feel like I've been doing nothing.  This may not be the case, it just feels like that.  Because of this I am looking for guidance and healing, so I flipped through the pages of my Archangels & Ascended Masters (by Doreen Virtue) book.  I stopped at Mary's page.  It lists about six things Mary is best known for when working with those in need: adopting children, issues relating to children, support for those who help children, fertility, healing of all kinds, and mercy.  Well, I did say I was looking for healing.  But I'm also drawn to the fertility option, not so much in regards to actually getting pregnant but in regards to creating and starting my own business, as well as starting a new phase of my life. 

     There is an excellent excerpt of a meditation Doreen had with Mary when she visited her shrine in Cologne:
     ""Compassion," she repeated swiftly in one of my ears in the sweetest voice - like the music of the wind blowing through springtime leaves.  "Compassion is what the world hungers for most, which means love coupled with an understanding of the other person's point of view and feelings.  So much strife stems from an aggressive desire for compassion - a desire to force the other parties involved to agree with you, because everyone is too afraid to admit that they can see and understand why the other acts in this way.  Throw down your arms and come to me for a reuniting with all others.  Throw your arms around me and feel my embrace! Allow me to soothe shattered nerves and hurt feelings.  Come to me, those of you who are afraid.  I shall help you rise above all strain and suffering so that you may see the unlimited viewpoint of all others.  You will see that those whom you fear or resent are merely children who are afraid, too.  Lay down your arms, humanity.  You are weary from constantly defending yourselves against imagined dangers that are of your own making.  Be unafraid of truth, which overcomes all fear.  And the hard and fast truth that never wavers is that your Father loves you eternally.  Allow me to pour this love in your direction and cover you with its healing power.  You may bathe in this well of Divine love at any time, simply by reconnecting your thoughts to those of God's.  How to do that? Through having compassion for yourself and others.  If you are unable to reach this state, allow me to assist you.  For, like your Father, I shall love you always eternally."" 
     Mary comes to anyone who calls upon her, regardless of their religion or past behavior.  She is all-loving and all-forgiving.  When she appears, you may smell flowers or see quick sparkles of cornflower-blue lights.  You'll also feel a sense of safety and peace.  I am calling on her for help in starting the next phase of my life, as well as for some healing.  I think part of my healing process is learning to have compassion for myself.  I am so busy being compassionate towards others that I forget I may need it sometimes.  C'est la vie.