Wednesday, December 5, 2012


     Runes are an ancient form of oracle.  They are used for healing, discovery, and life purpose situations.  And as an oracle, it does not give you instruction as to what you should do nest in your life, or certain circumstance, nor does it predict future events.  It points your attention towards those hidden fears and motivations that will shape your future by their presence within each present moment.  And everyone has choice and free will.  It directs your inner attention towards those inner choices that may be the most important elements in determining your future.

     I decided to pick three Runes out of my Rune bag to see what circumstances are going on in my life, and to see how it is effecting my future.

     The first Rune is called Raido, or Journey.  And because it is reversed (upside down), it outs me on notice to be particularly attentive to my personal relationships. At this time, ruptures are more likely to happen than reconciliations, and effort may be required to keep up my good humor.  The requirements for my growth may have disrupted what I intended.  My desired outcomes elude me, but yet what I regard as detours, inconveniences, disruptions, and blockages will actually be rerouting opportunities, with union and reunion as the only abiding destinations.

     The second Rune is called Hagalz, or Disruption.  Change, freedom, invention and liberation are all attributes of this Rune.  Drawing it (especially as the middle Rune -- it stands closest to present time) indicates a pressing need within my psyche to break free from constrictions.  Events may seem totally out of my control.  Whenever this Rune is drawn the drawer (me) should expect some disruption.  But it may feel like this disruption is taking many forms.  It may seem like I am coming to a gradual feeling of coming to my senses, or then again, it may seem to rip away everything I knew in relation to security and work and beliefs.  But the inner message from this Rune is to not be dismayed.  Whether the disruption was created from my own doing, or an outside source, I am not without power here.  My inner strength provides the support and guidance I need to make it through this challenging time.  It is a time when the universe and my own soul are demanding that I grow.

     The third Rune is called Thurisaz, or Gateway, and I, too, have picked this Rune in the reverse position.  It means that a quickening of my development is indicated here.  If there are halts, I need to take advantage of them.  If I am undergoing any difficulty, I must remember that the nature of my passage depends upon the quality of my attitude towards it and the clarity of my intentions, and the steadfastness of my will.  It also demands that I contemplate (or meditate -- I need to do that anyways).  Hasty decisions during this time will further disrupt my journey.  I need to be still, have some patience, and wait on the Will of Heaven and the universe.