Monday, November 19, 2012


     I'm getting back to my Angel Messenger roots.  Two years ago I took an Angel Messenger course, so that I could develop my intuition and get in touch with the angelic realm.  Each week we (the students) had to work with an angel or ascended master.  We would have to call on them at the beginning of the week, and ask them to just be with us or to help us in any way.  Honestly, it was quite a wonderful experience.  Well, I have decided to take another go at it.  And for this week, I am going to be working with Cordelia.

     Cordelia (as taken from Doreen Virtue's Archangels & Ascended Masters book) is the beautiful goddess of Spring and Summer flowers, and also of the flower fairies.  She is the daughter of the sea god, Lir, so she is technically a sea goddess.  Cordelia is usually celebrated on May 1st, marking the beginning of Summer.  This is typically a Pagan celebration.  She assists with celebration -- you can call on her for a joyous event.  She also helps you to have some courage and joy in your life.  She is wonderful at tending to the garden and its flowers.  And she also assists people in dealing with stress and life changes. 

     If you feel stressed, call upon Cordelia to lighten your mood.  If you ever feel like you need to "escape" just close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in a field full of flowers.  Ask her to be with you.  I would imagine she would come rather quickly to those who ask.  And feel her presence, her warmth, and the joy and excitement she exudes. 

     I plan on working with her this week for a few reasons: 1) Thanksgiving is just a few days away; as is mine and my husband's birthdays, so there is most definitely a need for celebration! 2) For a life changing event; I recently gave my notice to one of my employers; I'm going to start my own business in the new year.  And 3) For stress management.  Even though I am ecstatic to be starting a new phase of my life, I am also quite nervous about it.  I'm hoping everything will go easier than I expect.  So, Miss Cordelia, please assist me this week.  Please help to bring a joyous and wonderful time, and please help to calm my nerves.  Thank you.