Monday, October 24, 2011

Mediumship with the Help of Archangel Azrael

     During the Angel Messenger certification class I took last year, instructed by Karen Paolino, I got to taste what it was like to connect with those who have passed.  It was only a three hour session, and I was able to connect with a mother in-law of the woman I was sitting next to.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience, and I feel I am ready to start incorporating it into my life and career.  And I feel this way, because of a psychic party I almost went to.

     Backdrop: About two Saturdays ago I received a call from an employee at Open Doors wanting to know if I could cover a shift doing readings at a party in Bridgewater.  The woman who was originally supposed to be there had come down sick.  So, I spoke with the hostess of the party and got all the details, later to learn that she was looking for a Medium, someone who can connect with the dead.  I, unfortunately, was not the person to comply.  And as far as I know, the party never ended up taking place.

     But it was at that very moment, when I learned the hostess was looking for a Medium, not a psychic, that I realized I needed to get into Mediumship.  Now with that one session last year, I feel I am not qualified to start giving Mediumship readings.  It was only a one-time thing, and I need to practice a lot more, preferably in a group form.  Thankfully, I have already spoken to a friend of mine who instructs a Mediumship circle two Saturdays each month, and I will be sitting in on her class.  Along with this circle, I will also be guided by Archangel Azrael.  I meditated this morning asking for guidance in regards to my situation, and Archangel Azrael stepped up to the task.  I am extremely thankful that it is Archangel Azrael, because he was the angel we worked with last year during that one session.

     You see, Archangel Azrael is considered by many as the "Angel of Death".  This scares people and causes them to be fearful of him.  When in fact, he shouldn't be feared at all.  He doesn't take lives; he prepares their souls for their passing by instilling peace and relieving any fears. He does assist them into the light once they have passed, and from there he comforts and aides grieving families in various ways.  But it was him who I connected with last year.  He brought the mother in-law forward, and was able to accompany her back.  And I feel he will be able to continue to do that while I am practicing.  I look forward to these coming weeks (believe you, me, it will take several weeks before I am confident in my new ability), and I hope growth, compassion, and prosperity follows.